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About Us is building the AI Roblox. We use generative AI workflows to accelerate game development and creative. The next few years of AI are going to define the coming few decades of the world. Some wait a lifetime for a moment like this. For those who have an inner fire to make something great, join us. Let’s build.

We're the team that built Tokkingheads (2 million IOS downloads, all organic) that allows any portrait/photo/face to be animated in seconds with no skill.

We’re a team of PhD researchers, creatives and engineers backed by Y Combinator led **by Vinod Khosla at Khosla Ventures, A16Z Games Fund, with participation from **Ilya Sutskever (cofounder/chief scientist Open AI),  Andrej Karpathy (Director AI, Tesla), Kevin Lin (cofounder COO Twitch), Jon Snoddy SVP @ Walt Disney Imagineering, Jeff Dean SVP Google Research, Adam D'Angelo CEO Quora and **Balaji Srinivasan (Former CTO Coinbase and A16Z GP).

Check out our asset generation beta to see some of the latest things we have shipped.

Why Join us?

🚀 Join a Rocket Ship!

🚀 Ship products that delight millions of users while having direct product impact on a small team (2 million downloads in over 180+ countries).

🚀 Build for the creator economy! Create the impossible, and make AI creative and fun to use.

🚀 Fully remote—live anywhere!

🚀 Work with a passionate, low ego, world class team!

🚀 Our team is still quite small (<10), so you’ll have massive impact on the trajectory of the business from Day One.

Your Role

We are looking to hire an SEO-focused Content Creator & Marketer for Rosebud's new game developer platform. This role requires someone with a strong background in SEO strategy and the ability to think creatively to generate virality.

While video editing and content creation experience are essential, other artistic and technical skills will be beneficial in this role. Please mention any additional skills you possess.

Expertise in SEO and Webflow is crucial for success in this position.

What You'll Do